75 Minute Therapeutic Arnica  Massage $85

 Most popular massage!!!


Includes: Swedish or Deep Tissue Trigger point release, Herbal Neck Wrap,Therapeutic Heat Arnica OIl CBD Oil and Therapeutic Cream. Hot Stones and Warm Towels will leave you feeling blissful end your 75 Minute Massage with a Lemon and Lavender Scalp Massage.



What is Arnica Oil:  The Pain-Relieving, Inflammation-Reducing Power of Arnica Oil. . Its ability to reduce pain and disease-causing inflammation when applied to the skin comes in handy for all kinds of bruises, aches, sprains and even arthritis flare-ups. It can even be applied to insect bites to reduce irritation and inflammation







All Therapeutic Massages include Heat Therapy, hot Towels, and Hot Stones.

Theraputic Cream/Oils  infused with Aroma Therpy



Aromatherapy 12 Herb Hot  or cold packs are now available perfect way to warm up muscles and relax.


These amazing packs are filled with Peppermint,Spearmint, Cinnamon,Chamomile,white Willo,Yarrow, Lemon Grass, Valerian, Yellow Dock Root, Saw palmetto, Lavender And Organic Flax Seed.


Makes The Perfect Gift...

 Hot Or Cold Therapy Packs $25.00